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Jack Burdette stole $80 million in 90 seconds. Getting it was the easy part. Getting away with it…was something else. Get your copy of A Legitimate Businessman here.

“A real page turner.”

“Awesome! Couldn’t put it down.”

“It kept me guessing until the very end.”

“Wow. What a ride.”

Los Angeles, 1981, is a city about to tear itself apart. LAPD narcotics detective Bo Fochs has uncovered a drug ring that stretches from the neon nights of the Sunset Strip to the deadly streets of South Central that is fueling both sides of L.A.’s gang war. But to stop this, Bo will have to navigate the brutal dangers of gang violence and the subtle dangers in the corridors of power. He’ll learn that not all justice is blind.

Get your copy of The Bad Shepherd here.

“This is a riveting, fun, and often hilarious novel that puts several very interesting spins on the classic crime novel.”

“The Bad Shepherd kept me wanting to read the next page, and ultimately that’s the best part of a good story. “

“Raw energy and intensity from the beginning to the end.”

“As a former Police Officer I can give this a solid five stars. “